Shallow Dive Workshop

Our ‘Shallow Dive’ UX testing sessions are a brilliant, low cost way to benefit from the power of user testing on your digital products, websites and apps.


Held at our UX lab in Newbury, you’ll get to design user tests for your website or app in a small group workshop.

We’ll show you how to design a user test that’s geared towards helping you improve whatever success metrics are important to you. The format of these courses is particularly popular, you will be in our Lab with 3 other individuals from non-competing but similar organisations who have all brought along a real-life website/app to test.

We’ll use state-of-the-art UX testing equipment like eye tracking and facial expression technology, which give you a unique insight into how your users behave, what they see, what they do and even how they feel when using your digital product.

The first part of the session will cover learning about how to scope out a testing scenario, then each attendee has the unique opportunity to put their project up for testing and receive insights and feedback from the 3 other attendees and our UX expert. Interactive and collaborative, these sessions are the perfect example of ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’.

The first part of the session will cover

  • Defining your ideal Customer Journey
  • Which testing method is best for you
  • Identifying specific issues
  • Creating a test script from the test scenario
  • Using mouse/eye-tracking and biometric testing equipment

Then after a short break, we go into the collaborative part of the session where each attendee in turn puts their project forward for scrutiny and testing by the other attendees.

The other attendees will:

  • Execute the test script you generated above
  • Provide commentary and feedback during and after the test
  • Join in discussions about what worked and what could be improved
  • Help to fine-tune your test script for use in a wider test scenario


What do you get from it?

These workshops are a perfect introduction to UX testing, giving you an insight into how users interact with your project. The first part of the session discusses various testing methods and techniques, and the second part guides you through some of the nuances of testing by experiencing tests from a participant and also a tester’s point of view.

You will come away from the session with a test script for your scenario, valuable feedback from the other attendees and a solid understanding of the subtleties of UX testing. This knowledge will enable you to plan and execute full UX test scenarios for your project, unlock its potential, uncover usability problems you never knew existed, and gives you clear action points to take away and implement, to increase user engagement, satisfaction and revenue.


Who is it for?

Ideally you will have already attended our Taster session, or have a good knowledge of various UX testing methods and scenarios, and you can bring with you a real-life situation. The project doesn’t have to be finished or live, but please let us know if it is still at wireframe or concept stage as we may need to adapt the test scenario to suit.

  • App, Website and Intranet developers
  • Software designers
  • Digital project managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Creative Leads
  • Internal UX experts
  • Marketing roles


Where and when?

  • Places are limited to four
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments are provided
  • Arrival: 9.00am
  • Workshop begins: 9.15am
  • Ends at the latest by: 1.30pm
  • Venue: UX-LAB.UK, 15a Kingfisher Court, Newbury RG14 5SJ
  • Cost: £697 + VAT per-person (£836.40 total)

For any questions, please email or call using the buttons below:

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