Intensive Workshop

What’s covered?

After an initial fact-finding meeting, we come to you for a half or whole day and host a UX Workshop on your site. We bring with us our UX testing experts and a whole load of clever eye-tracking technology and analysis kit. We invite all your internal stakeholders to come along and we run through:

  • Understanding your user journey
  • How to define target Demographic/Personas
  • Scope out UX testing routines for several processes
  • Set up the tech and show you how it is used, and how to interpret the results
  • Work with you to design test scenarios and procedures that will help your user journey as well as hitting your business objectives
  • Fine tune some of the test scenarios with the testing tech with stakeholders as testers
  • Define the reporting (who needs to see what, and in which formats) and next steps
  • If time allows, throw open the end of the session to all to try the tech!


What do you get from it?

A few days after the workshop, we present our report and findings to the key stakeholders. Often this will lead to wider testing using external testers, customers, partners etc, which we can help coordinate on your behalf. The workshop can be video recorded for internal use, and we will analyse all the testing scenarios that we gain from the day.


Who is it for?

This is a personalised workshop for all stakeholders within an organisation who have an interest in improving Business Objectives, be they User Experience, increasing conversions/revenue, software improvements, identifying bottlenecks/issues, A/B testing and many more. As a precursor to this session, we will have engaged with your business to understand where you are now, where you want to be and what the objectives for the day are.

  • App, Website and Intranet developers
  • Software designers
  • Digital project managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Creative Leads
  • Internal UX experts
  • Marketing roles
  • Customer Support roles


Where and when?

Because these workshops are designed around you and your timescales, we are very flexible with dates and locations.

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