Deep Dive Workshop

What’s in this?

This workshop is a one-on-one consultative session with our UX testing experts. You will have either attended a previous session with us, or have a good understanding of why you want to carry out UX testing. You’ve identified a need and convinced your stakeholders of the need to make some improvements, and you’ve got some budget to not only attend this course, but to do the future UX testing that we will design here.

This is a full day session for one or two key stakeholders in your organisation, during which we will:

  • Study in detail your Customer Journey, Personas and Demographics
  • Discuss different testing methods and explore the ones that would work for your project/situation
  • Explore any specific issues that you are aware of already, or that we uncover during discussions
  • Create test scripts for each of the scenarios


The afternoon session covers:

  • Demo and pros/cons of eye-tracking, mouse tracking, EEG and GSR technologies
  • Using the technology with your test scenarios
  • Analysis of the data from each
  • How to expand the test scenario for wider testing
  • How to recruit testers or select audiences for wider testing


What do you get from it?

During the course of the day we will have identified several specific areas that could be improved upon immediately and have provided the data and recordings of any eye-tracking or other technology used on your project.

We will have designed a test script and shown you which style of testing would work best for you, and what level of investment in technology and/or human testers, that you will need to make in order to carry out UX testing on a larger scale if appropriate.

In addition, we will setup and run additional tests over the following days, gather the insights and data, and provide you with a full report of our findings.


Who is it for?

As a key stakeholder in your business, you will already have a good idea of the ‘why’ and we will provide you with the ‘how’

This is a one-to-one version of the Shallow Dive workshop which has 4 attendees, so this session is much more in-depth and if you have a sensitive or confidential project that is not to be shared, then this workshop is more appropriate.


Where and when?

Because these workshops are designed around you and your timescales, we are very flexible with dates and locations. We run these sessions from our UX Lab in Newbury, Berkshire.

For any questions, please email or call using the buttons below.